Why are transgender (gender dysphoria GID) bathrooms a bad idea?

Transgender (GID) Gender Identity Disorder

Why are transgender (gender dysphoria GID) bathrooms a bad idea?

What's the future of "transgender" lockers, bathrooms and shower facilities? Where's this taking society?  Are things getting better or worse?  Now society wants to combine men and women bathrooms?  When are the adults in the room going to stand up and start protecting the vulnerable, weak and innocent? These locations are the most private and intimate in all of life.  Such places should provide safety and peace, not fear, turmoil and stress.

Some of the best numbers seem to indicate 100,000 people in the USA suffer from GID - transgender issues. Nobody knows how many people experience this mental disorder.  The USA's population goes well beyond 300,000,000 people. .0003% of the population in the country have a transgender issue generously speaking.

Something is very wrong with the leadership of the nation. "Transgender" facilities are a flat out, bad idea. The transgender conversation expresses another way women and children are NOT getting the protection they deserve. A man with identity issues (gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder (GID) describes the mental illness), desiring to identify himself as a female, and can access a woman's bathroom, locker or shower is a recipe for disaster.

Gender identity is too subjective. In this over sexualized culture, what will stop the rapist, pedophile or predator "claiming" such transgender confusion? Women have enough stress dealing with men at bars, clubs or simply walking alone at night. Now women need to defend themselves from the lurking predator with mental issues waiting in the bathroom? The individuals pushing for transgender legislation need to think more than twice about this idea. Thankfully, states like South Dakota are creating legislature to protect woman and children from such dangers (if this transgender bathroom idea is mandated nation wide).

What are your thoughts?


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