Can I get married without a marriage license?

Can I Get Married Without a Marriage License?

Can I Get Married Without a Marriage License?

So many people today are discussing the topic of marriage, marriage licenses, and the definition of marriage. The question needs to be asked, "Can I get married without a marriage license? Do I need a marriage license?"

The answer is yes and no.

Marriage and Its Legality

Depending on who the individual is and what they want to marry becomes the identifier for what is legal, recognized, or neither. For the purpose and scope of this conversation, two heterosexuals desiring to come together in marriage is what will be discussed. A male and female from two different homes of legal age and consent to marry is all that is necessary to establish this relationship. There is a large amount of legal documentation and jurisprudence communicating male and female relationships. To answer the question, "Can I get married without a marriage license?" Two such individuals are able to do so legally in all fifty states of the United States of America.

The Role of a Marriage License

"What's the point of the marriage license then?" The marriage license is created as an instrument of control and to generate income for the government. The marriage license has always been and always will be voluntary. Unsuspecting couples regularly and ignorantly (meaning without understanding) go down to the superior court to apply for this contract with the state.

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson did not have marriage licenses. Nothing has changed since the founding of this nation until now regarding the nature, relationship, and legalities of marriage. What has changed is the government's desire to make money off the institution of marriage. There's been about 100 years of marketing and sales put forth in support of the marriage license. This piece of paper and the government are not the final authority on who and who is not married. The Creator of Heaven and Earth is the authority on marriage because He created it.

Understanding Your Options

Marriage License Fraud: What every Christian couple should know before signing a marriage license and The Biblical Marriage: For God or Government? are two books that educate people regarding the options available to them in the legal system. These books point out some of the realities of the marriage license and they offer different solutions available to them at their fingertips. Couples need this information to make informed, intelligent decisions regarding the contract and covenant that is best for them. Without gaining a fuller scope of understanding, couples will be left in the dark as to how they might prefer to start their marriage from the outset. Reading these books will help Christians and non-Christians better understand the Bible, the legal system, and the choices afforded to them under the current legal structure.

Buy a copy or two of the books mentioned above today. Share them with friends and family as you are able.

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